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How to get an order to earn money in very easiest way from

We discuss it in just 5 steps to know that how to get an order to earn money in the very easiest way from Let starts.

Right Service to Offer

Before starting you just have to spend some time searching that what is the popular or trend in Fiverr and then find the best niche which is suitable for you. Generally, content writing is really popular in Fiverr as well as logo designing. But you just have to choose services which are best for you to offer and if you are not good in services then don’t choose that services to offer it.

After choosing the services prepare the gig and each gig starts being prices at $5 on Fiverr.

Post Your Gig

New sellers have a chance at some visibility by having a new seller section for most categories from Fiverr. Once you post your new gig then after some hour or days you will be listed there. Then you will get your best chance for the first customer. Keeping in mind that if the trend of target customers is portrait drawing, then post your gig on weekends which may be a better time.

Image for your Gig

It is most important to know that there is no restriction in terms of the text on your gig’s featured image. As you know there are thousands of competitors who offer the services. So you should have to put the name of the gig which is the creative and bold eye-catching text that helps to sell your services as soon as possible by attracting the gigs.

Create Multiple Gigs

After taking a decision and creating one gig you will see that there is no response because one gig is not enough to take the order. So you have to post up a couple of similar gigs. Keep in mind that the more gigs you have, the higher the chances for the order. To create more gigs greater than 10 and advertise them.

First Sale on Fiverr

When you get your first order in then provide quality work to your buyer. By doing that buyer would be happy and will give you positive comments and good ratings. This rating will matter for your account and subsequent sales. Here you also have to know that don’t get that order which will be not done in time because it will affect your ratings. Try to deliver an order in time, and ratings and comments and become a big part of

5 steps to know that how to get the order to earn money in the very easiest way from

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