What is Fiverr?

What is Fiverr?


What is Fiverr?

The Platform, Fiverr is an online marketplace for freelance services. It is actually a platform to offer services to customers worldwide. Fiverr was launched in 2010 with the concept of a marketplace. It is a two-sided platform for the people to buy and sell services.  Actually the idea behind it to getting hired or hiring as a freelancer. In fiverr, there are Gigs, which describe any digital service like Content Writing, logo design, translator, etc. All the services are in $ and freelancers can set their price according to their services.

How Does It Work?

Buyers pay the payment in advance for gigs against any services like web design, content writing, logo design, etc. At the beginning of this platform, all gigs were fixed at a price of $5. But now sellers can decide to charge the services and can also set the delivery time but typically order is completed within a day or two days and receive the 80% of the total order value.

For Buyers & For Sellers?

As a buyer, you can search or browse all the pages against the category that you want to purchase the Gig. Read the description of the Gig carefully of each service offered. If you have any questions you can message the seller if your project would be something that they can do. As a buyer, if you are ready to make a purchase or order the services then the order goes to the seller and payment will go to the seller when the order is completed. You have an option to review and when you change the request depending on the nature of the gig then you can, but before the order is completed and before the full payment goes through.

As a seller, you can set up the profiles and create custom gigs to provide the services, and set your price according to the description of the gigs. Once a buyer buys an order then the money is taken from his account and put a hold for you until you complete the order. When the seller sells or delivers an order successfully they keep 80% of what they earn. When more gigs sellers sells, then easier it will be to build seller ratings on the site.

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